MY TOP 17 OF 2017

According to Goodreads, I read 83 books on this past revolution around the sun. Of those, here are my 17 favorite in no particular order. To be clear, these are not "THE TOP 17 BOOKS OF THE YEAR!!" or anything like that. They're simply the books I liked most of the ones I read. Some … Continue reading MY TOP 17 OF 2017


Today, YA Books Central is hosting the cover reveal and a giveaway for WELCOME HOME, the adoption-themed anthology edited by Eric Smith in which I have a story! The other contributors include Adi Alsaid, Nic Stone, Dave Connis, Helene Dunbar, Libby Cudmore, Lauren Gibaldi, Matthew Quinn Martin, Mindy McGinnis, Sammy Nickalls, Shannon M. Parker, Karen Akins, Erica M. … Continue reading WELCOME HOME COVER REVEAL


Here's what I've been up to: What I've been writing... Still working on rewriting that weird YA dark fantasy. I'm about halfway through the rewrite, and I've actually been having a tough time making much progress. Sometimes that's just how it goes, though. Also, I think anxiety about my impending book release and the start … Continue reading AUGUST IN REVIEW


Here's what I've been up to: What I've been writing... I finished a round of revisions on my WIP. Hoping to send it out on submission soon. As of now, it's titled WHEN SOMETHING DISAPPEARS LIKE IT NEVER EXISTED. Elevator pitch: It's a contemporary/urban YA about two former best friends named Nasir and Bunny. Bitter about Bunny's … Continue reading JUNE IN REVIEW