On Stories and Empathy

For the last few years, I've ended every school year by giving students what I refer to as my "empathy" speech, a 5-7 minute attempt to contextualize the importance of the subject I teach (English). None of this is probably terribly new, but this year I felt like writing it out because this is my … Continue reading On Stories and Empathy


Greetings, friends. I know I haven't been blogging much lately, so I wanted to give you a quick update on what I've been up to in order to reassure you I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... I finished revisions and edits on After the Shot Drops! This took a couple rounds and … Continue reading WHERE’S RANDY?

Why did I like this so much?: MOONLIGHT

This is part of a (planned) new series of posts called Why did I like this so much? in which I try to analyze my enjoyment with an eye toward learning from great artists to inform my own work.  Last night I saw MOONLIGHT, directed by Barry Jenkins, and it was beautiful in a devastating yet … Continue reading Why did I like this so much?: MOONLIGHT


I spoke to a writers' group the other day, and the most interesting question I received was about how my style/approach to writing has changed since going through the publication process with my first novel. Without hesitation, I answered that it was coming to understand that most of writing is revising. I told them that … Continue reading REAL WRITING IS REVISING


So I remember hearing someone say that one of the difficulties of writing is that you have to create your raw materials. A painter starts with a canvas and paint. A potter or a sculptor starts with a lump of clay or rock*. However, a writer starts with nothing. You pluck words out of your head, … Continue reading THE SIX STAGES OF REVISION GRIEF