I was invited to join a session at this year's NCTE convention about complexity in YA literature. As part of the session, Dr. Jennifer Buehler (author of  Teaching Reading with YA Literature: Complex Texts, Complex Lives) and Dr. Cathy Fleisher asked me and the other authors (Elizabeth Acevedo, David Arnold, Sharon Draper, David Levithan, Emily X.R. Pan, & … Continue reading COMPLEXITY IN YA


After five months of sitting on this secret, I can finally announce that my next book, PATRON SAINTS OF NOTHING, will be out in summer of 2019 with Kokila Books (a new imprint of Penguin Random House)! (Add it to your TBR shelf on Goodreads!)  This has been in the works for several months, so … Continue reading BOOK #3 ON THE WAY!


Today, YA Books Central is hosting the cover reveal and a giveaway for WELCOME HOME, the adoption-themed anthology edited by Eric Smith in which I have a story! The other contributors include Adi Alsaid, Nic Stone, Dave Connis, Helene Dunbar, Libby Cudmore, Lauren Gibaldi, Matthew Quinn Martin, Mindy McGinnis, Sammy Nickalls, Shannon M. Parker, Karen Akins, Erica M. … Continue reading WELCOME HOME COVER REVEAL


I'm excited to announce that I'll have a short story in a collection of YA adoption-themed short stories edited by Eric Smith, to be published by Jolly Fish Press in fall 2017. Check out his far more meaningful/detailed post about it over here at his site. Or, if you're too lazy, here are some snippets: "Welcome … Continue reading WELCOME HOME


Ahoy hoy, everyone! Sorry for the radio silence on the blog as of late. It's mostly because I'm back to teaching so have like five minutes of free time a day now. But I wanted to share a couple of exciting book things... AN INFINITE NUMBER OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES made Barnes & Noble Teen's top … Continue reading BUSY OVER AT BN.COM


Earlier this week, I received a notification from UPS that said I had a package delivered from Adams Media--which owns Merit Press, my book's publisher. It HAD to be my author copies, right? I was vibrating with excitement throughout the day and rushed home after work to find a huge package on my doorstep...that was surprisingly … Continue reading INFINITE HARDCOVERS EXIST!!!


About a year ago, I signed with an agent. And shortly thereafter I signed a book deal with a publisher. These were joyous times, something I had worked toward for years. Even still, I was not without my insecurities. As my debut novel's release date approaches, I've felt increasingly anxious about whether or not my book will be … Continue reading ON (NOT) BEING A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT