ATSD cover with quote

MARCH 6, 2018

“An honest, riveting story full of integrity about what it takes to save a friendship–this buzzer beater of a book makes your heart roar from tip off to the final second.” -Brendan Kiely, NYT bestselling co-author of All American Boys

“A soaring, stirring, compelling story of hope, love, and friendship, all to the heartbeat of a basketball’s dribble. This book isn’t just an amazing read; it’s important. -Jeff Zentner, William C. Morris Award winner for The Serpent King

“A pulse-pounding sports book, and a sophisticated exploration of identity, loyalty, and home. It sings with heart and stays with you long after you’ve turned it’s last page. Nothing but net.” -I.W. Gregorio, author of None of the Above

“The tangled lives of Ribay’s players are even more riveting than the thrilling action on the court. A basketball  novel that is so much more than the final score. Terrific.” -Carl Deuker, author of Payback Time