Next weekend is B&N's inaugural national teen book festival. Stores around the country will be hosting events with MG & YA authors throughout the weekend. Here's where you can find me: Sat, June 11, 1-3pm - Barnes & Noble in Cherry Hill, NJ with Jared Caracciolo and Michael Geisinger Sun, June 12, 1-3pm - Barnes … Continue reading B&N TEEN BOOK FEST



Whew. It's been a busy couple of months for me. School starting back up (with new responsibilities) + promoting a new book + trying to keep working on a new one is pretty tiring stuff. I can usually quantify exactly how busy I am by my how many books I read per week. During the … Continue reading BOOK RELEASE PARTY RECAP


Yesterday, I sold books at the Collingswood Book Festival, which was my first public selling/signing appearance ever. Huzzah!¬†However, something happened that I can't stop thinking about, so I've come here to work it out. At one point, a girl wandered over to my table with her mother. By my estimate, the girl was probably early … Continue reading AGE (IN)APPROPRIATENESS


Ahoy hoy, everyone! Sorry for the radio silence on the blog as of late. It's mostly because I'm back to teaching so have like five minutes of free time a day now. But I wanted to share a couple of exciting book things... AN INFINITE NUMBER OF PARALLEL UNIVERSES made Barnes & Noble Teen's top … Continue reading BUSY OVER AT BN.COM