Review: WINGER by Andrew Smith

Rating: 4/5 Reviewed by R So, yeah. We’ve been real slow to update The Book Mark recently. In the unlikely event that you read the “about” section of that site, you’d know we are teachers. And in case you live in some place without deciduous trees or a calendar, you should know that school is … Continue reading Review: WINGER by Andrew Smith


Do you remember this bleary-eyed paragon of the working class? Well, it turns out that thirty years later he's pretty good inspiration for getting me to write every day. I used to write only during the summers. If people asked why, I would cite the fact that during the school year I was too exhausted after a day … Continue reading TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS


This Wednesday, Sept. 24, my first short story will be published in an anthology from Hypothetical Press titled Reading Glasses! It will be available in paperback ($12.99) and for Kindle ($5.99) from Amazon and CreateSpace. And because you're such an awesome person with great tastes in blogs, here are summaries of all of the stories in the … Continue reading READING GLASSES