In case you didn’t know, October is officially Filipino American History Month! As a Filipino American, I’m usually like, “Woo!” and that’s about it. This year, I decided to  tweet a mini-story a day on topics related to the Fil-Am history. I’m not doing this as an expert, but rather as a way to force myself to learn more about my heritage. As the month progresses, I’ll be collecting the starting points for each daily thread right here. So if you’re interested, check it out, and keep coming back if you happen to miss any of the days on Twitter.

OCT 1: The first recorded Filipinos in North America

OCT 2: The shipwreck of the San Agustin

OCT 3: St. Malo, the first recorded permanent Filipino settlement in the US

OCT 4: The Filipino who helped settled Los Angeles

OCT 5: How the Philippines became part of the US

OCT 6: The Philippine-American War

OCT 7: The Godmother of the Philippine Revolution

OCT 8: The Pensionados of 1903

OCT 9: The Sakadas of Hawaii

OCT 10: The Alaskeros of Alaska

OCT 11: The Manong Generation

OCT 12: America is in the Heart by Carlos Bulosan

OCT 13: Fe del Mundo, the first female student at Harvard Med School

OCT 14: Antimiscegenation laws

OCT 15: How the Philippines went from territory to commonwealth

OCT 16: The first Filipino-led union in the United States

OCT 17: The Philippine Village at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

OCT 18: The Japanese Invasion

OCT 19: The Japanese Occupation

OCT 20: Philippine Independence (Round 2)

OCT 21: Peter Aduja, the first Filipino American elected to a major public office

OCT 22: The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965

OCT 23: The 1965 Delano Grape Strike

OCT 24: The Anti-Martial Law Movement

OCT 25: The Assassination of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes

OCT 26: The People Power Revolution

OCT 27: The “Gintong Kasaysayan, Gintong Pamana” Mural

OCT 28: The Cordovas, a Fil-Am history power couple

OCT 29: The FANHS Museum in Stockton, CA

OCT 30: Filipino American Artists

OCT 31: My Flu-Addled Mind Reflecting on All of This

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