WELCOME HOME publishers marketplace announcement

I’m excited to announce that I’ll have a short story in a collection of YA adoption-themed short stories edited by Eric Smith, to be published by Jolly Fish Press in fall 2017. Check out his far more meaningful/detailed post about it over here at his site. Or, if you’re too lazy, here are some snippets:

“Welcome Home collects genre-spanning short stories centered around the theme of adoption, with tales about foster care, searching for birth parents, group homes, adopted siblings, struggling adoptive parents, and more by a number of amazing authors…The list includes Adi Alsaid, Dave Connis, Helene Dunbar, Kate Leth, Lauren Gibaldi, Libby Cudmore, Matthew Quinn Martin, Mindy McGinnis, Shannon Parker, Randy Ribay, Nic Stone, and many, many more we’re going to reveal over the coming months…The book will be out with Jolly Fish Press in the Fall of 2017. We’ll be donating the book’s royalties to organizations that work with adoptees and foster kids…I’m still looking for stories, particularly from diverse voices.”

(Aspiring–or established–authors, note that last line!)


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