Earlier this week, I received a notification from UPS that said I had a package delivered from Adams Media–which owns Merit Press, my book’s publisher. It HAD to be my author copies, right? I was vibrating with excitement throughout the day and rushed home after work to find a huge package on my doorstep…that was surprisingly light. I knew I was supposed to get twenty copies, but this box felt like it couldn’t even be one. So I opened it up and found…


…a giant foam poster board with my book cover to use at events. Though it’s cool, it wasn’t the books.


Today I received ANOTHER notification from UPS for a package from Adams Media…and this time it WAS my hardcover copies!!! So! Here are some shots!

20150910_161200 20150910_161218Out of the box! And in better light! The stars are shiny!

20150910_161112A close-up of the blurb from one of my YA heroes Adam Silvera…20150910_161044In the nude…20150910_160910
And the obligatory blurry shot of me wielding it like bludgeon….


Man, it was awesome as hell to see them in real life. Up until now I’ve felt pretty anxious about this whole process. I was convinced that for some reason my publisher would decide it was a horrible story and they weren’t going to through with it. But to hold the finished copy–a life’s goal realized–in my hands felt amazing. All those worries fell away. It is real. I wrote a book. It exists. It will soon be in the world.

p.s. For those of you in the Philly/SJ area, I’ll be at the Cherry Hill Barnes & Noble this Saturday, Sep. 12 from 2-4pm for Local Authors Day. While these beautiful babies won’t be available until October, I’ll be handing out bookmarks, buttons, and sage advice.


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