Do you remember this bleary-eyed paragon of the working class?

Well, it turns out that thirty years later he’s pretty good inspiration for getting me to write every day.

I used to write only during the summers. If people asked why, I would cite the fact that during the school year I was too exhausted after a day of teaching. In fact, I told my therapist this as summer drew to a close this year, and she said, “So why not write in the morning?”

I was all like, “That’s so early! I’d have to wake up at like…5am! Ugh! How dare you even suggest such an absurdity! They should revoke your license!” Or something like that.

But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If I wrote in the morning, I could avoid the energy suck that is the afternoon and the frenzy of activity that is the evening (dinner, watching my stories on TV, etc.). Even if my daily writing dwindled from the 3-4 hours per day to a mere 1 hour, I thought I’d give it a try.

And so I’ve been doing this since late August. My mantra each time my alarm clock goes off: TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS.

As expected, I write way less than I’m used to writing in one sitting. Instead of banging out a respectable–at least, in my opinion–1,500 to 3,000 words, I’m pulling maybe 300-500 in that predawn darkness. Yet, it has been adding up. After a little over one month of making the donuts (which kind of sounds like a euphemism for sex when I use it that way), I have about 25,000 words on my work-in-progress (roughly 100 pages).

So thanks, 1984 Dunkin Donuts commercial, you’ve helped me make donuts instead of excuses.

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