One of the places I go for inspiration is music. Sometimes a line from a song will grab me; I’ll write it down, and it might become the basis of a new character, a new scene, or even a new story.

But more often, I use music to help me write  a scene with a specific mood. I’ll usually find something that’s atmospheric and makes me feel how I want my reader to feel while reading my words. I then loop that song (as I’ve heard Andy Warhol did when painting) until it becomes meditate. I let the lyrics and the beat and the sound seep into my writing, and the right mood always seems to rise to the surface.

Some of my go-to bands include Sigur Ros, Explosions in the Sky, Youth Lagoon, That Dream Was Our Life, and most recently, Kishi Bashi (video above). Get at me on Twitter @randyribay and let me know what you listen to as you write!

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